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MAGAZINE : Intelligence

Sleep Increases Intelligence

Sleep is the key to proper health and a functional brain. And this may come as a surprise to some, but a whole lot goes on while weíre sleeping. †

At age thirty, a human being has spent about 10 years sleeping! Sleep is vital to the body and accounts for approximately one third of our existence. Itís simply a matter of survival since our brain needs that much-deserved rest after a long hard day of activity, and sleep is the time when the brain must perform its most essential duty: to keep the body in good health. No sooner has your head touched the pillow that your brain begins to secrete the growth hormone which is essential to the renewal and maintenance of cells, as well as the proper functioning of muscles, tissue and bones.†

Our mental and physical health depend on sleep! After six or seven days without a momentís rest, sudden death will be the eventual outcome, or so say doctors. In a lesser degree, fitful or restless sleep can be harmful to your every day life: slurred reflexes, blurry vision or intense irritability: The outcome is total unbalance in the equilibrium shared by your body and your brain. The latterís duty is to renew and recharge during a nightís sleep.††


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